about veredesigns

The veredesigns team has been designing unique graphics and marketing materials since 2004.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to provide the best service possible.

Our experience encompasses a wide range of tools and applications - digital, print, copy editing, and more.

We build our products from the bottom up so you get the cleanest code and a unique, customized presentation.

When it comes to showcasing your product or service, image is everything.

The veredesigns team is here to help!

about vered

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the skinny

Vered, the founder of veredesigns, has been working in marketing and graphic design since 2004 and can do just about anything you need.

a bit more

Vered, the driving force behind veredesigns, thrives on learning new things and helping people. She began her career in graphic design out of necessity; she started a non-profit organization that needed a website so she taught herself html and Photoshop. Her studies in Cultural Anthropology and her passion for art and drawing were the perfect foundation for her future in marketing and design.

In those early days, Vered realized that these digital tools were a great way to easily share her art and creativity with world, and that she could help her friends and family with growing their companies and organizations. She quickly expanded her skills since she's stubborn and wants to learn how to do everything herself. As a result, after more than 15 years of creating, collaborating, and learning, she is an expert in photo editing, vector illustration, graphic design, website creation, digital marketing, print layouts, content editing, and more.

In 2011, she began working for a manufacturing and engineering firm. She built their in-house marketing and design department, managed the team, and rebranded the company. Vered and her team built new websites, produced new flyers and other marketing materials, created the installation and troubleshooting manuals, produced informational videos, and grew their trade show presence from a small pop-up to a giant, structured, complicated-but-impressive display. (See HERE for recent booths.)

After 10 years, Vered was ready for a change so she founded veredesigns. And the adventure continues!

the whole story

In 2004, Vered started a non-profit that organized hands-on experiential programs for homeschoolers, Homeschool Excursions. She needed a website to post a calendar of events so she hired a friend who made websites as side work to his real job. He did a good job on the site, but she needed constant event updates so she needed to learn how to work on the site herself. She asked what he used, so she got Dreamweaver and Photoshop and taught herself what she needed to know. And that was where this all began... back when websites were table-based and with the second edition of Photoshop.

Vered still runs the non-profit, now named Educational Excursions, and finally, after 10 years of neglect, is working on a rebrand and is rebuilding the website with a totally new focus because education is one of her many passions. She had been planning to rebuild it as a quality controlled event calendar for educational programs and events in the southeast, but now with covid, its focus will be as a resource for virtual tours, hands-on activities people can do in their back yards, etc. to be relaunched by the summer of 2021.

Now for the larger scope:

In 2011, Vered built an in-house marketing and design department for a family of engineering and manufacturing companies. Her department designed the websites, images, illustrations, print materials, business cards, social media posts, press releases, print and digital ads, email campaigns, instruction manuals, product labels, videos, and most important (to Vered at least), the tradeshows.

The tradeshow booths and displays are what Vered is probably most proud of. The booth layout was a collaborative effort, and after she made the initial banner designs we worked as a team to edit them. Everything you see in these booths, Vered literally made or designed. She worked with their engineers to make my ideas a reality, and she would go to the shows early with the head of their installation and service department - the two of them built the booths and then stayed until after the shows to break them down and pack them (often working faster than the teams of people around them). The banners were printed at 300dpi on fabric and Vered designed light boxes that fit into the truss so they'd be back-lit - when they first made them, people thought they were huge TV screens because the images were so crisp and backlit banners weren't that common. Vered designed the concept roughly 8 years ago.... now you go to shows and it's become a more regular site. However, rarely do you see a fully lit display with fully functioning equipment.... Vered's booths are an experience.... One day, in-person shows will be an option again.... But the virtual shows of 2020 were interesting; Vered was also responsible for setting up those platforms. You can see the gallery HERE.

In regards to video and animation, Vered managed and directed the projects, and has an amazing team who can create just about anything!

And her next focus.... Animation! As a kid, Vered dreamed of working as a Disney animator. That clearly didn't become a reality, but it's never too late to learn new skills! So watch out for exciting animations coming your way!

So, that's the gist of Vered's story and how she grew her portfolio. Print, digital, and anything else that's needed. The programs she lives in are Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. She is proficient in FinalCut ProX and Audition. And she is currently adventuring with After Effects.

Let her know if there's something she can help you with. Vered and the veredesigns team look forward to working with you!

about veredesigns