tradeshow project gallery

Whether it's a small pop-up display or a large booth, veredesigns will ensure that your company or project impresses!

We have been designing trade show booths for Prodew and her sister companies, Aguair and Pro Water Parts, since 2011. In that time, our displays have evolved greatly. Everything in the booths were constructed in-house and the banners were printed by a local company - we try and keep all our projects sourced as locally as possible!

Then 2020 arrived with the Covid-19 pandemic changing everything! No more in-person trade shows for a while... Veredesigns worked with the companies' teams to reconceptualize how the products were presented. We participated in several virtual trade shows, each on very different platform styles, and each offering new insights into the potential that virtual shows offer. Moving forward, many in-person events will likely evolve. In speaking with show organizers, they confirmed that they will likely embrace a hybrid model with a virtual platform available before and after the in-person event.

Here are some of our recent tradeshows with more galleries to be added soon.
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