project gallery

We have been extremely busy with a wide range of unique projects; we're continuously updating this page so you can see what we've been up to.

Here are some samples from years past.... If you don't see something comparable to your need, let us know.


Our team codes the sites we develop from the ground up.
This will ensure that you have clean coding and that your site is completely customized per your specifications.
Our sites are reponsive across all devices and are built on the bootstrap platform.

Keep Pickens Beautiful

Keep Pickens Beautiful is a non-profit organization in Jasper, Georgia.
They promote recycling, waste reduction, beautifucation, and education.
We updated their 2011 Wordpress site to a current theme and added a lot of content.

Taproot Music Camp

Taproot Music Camp is based in North Carolina.
They offer a two-week intensive summer camp program.
We designed their website and will continue to develop and maintain it.


Prodew is the industry leader in misting and humidification for retail grocery stores. This site provides information for supermarkets and food storage facilities looking for systems to extend their shelf-life.
We designed their website, print materials, email campaigns, and tradeshow booths.

Green Restaurants USA

Green Restaurants USA works with restaurants to share their efforts in improving their environmental responsibility.
We designed their logo, website, and print materials.


Aguair offers a wide range of perishable preservation solutions for greenhouses, storage facilities, and more.
We designed their website, print materials, email campaigns, and tradeshow booths.

Pro Water Parts

Pro Water Parts is an OEM company specializing in water filters, fittings, housings, and other components. This site provides specifications of their products and displays the more than 8,000 items they sell.
We designed their logo, website, print materials, email campaigns, and tradeshow booths.


flyers, manuals, postcards, and other literature

Expand your reach, build credibility, spread your message!

signs and displays

Creative signage can be extremely effective in promoting your brand!

promotional materials

Give your audience useful promotional items that will remind them of you, every time they use them!

additional services

brand development

The Veredesigns Team will spend the necessary time with you to understand your vision and goals. We will then work with you to make it a reality! Whether you need a logo or a complete branding package, we're here to help!

tradeshows - in-person and virtual

Let us help you build a booth to impress!
From a small booth to large displays, we can help with layouts, banners, promotional items, and whatever else you need to expand your company, product, or brand.

complete campaigns

Keep Pickens Beautiful participates annually in the Great American Cleanup. 2021 was a bit different...

image editing

We have done it all, from repairing or improving your photos, to creating new images to realistically display your products or services.


We can create custom illustrations, recreate your existing logo or icons as vector images, and basically anything else you need done in Illustrator.

looking for something else?

The Veredesigns team has a wide range of skills and capabilities.
Let us know what you need...We can help!