Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Expo 2017 | Toronto, Ontario

The Veredesigns team usually goes to the events to help set up and break down the displays. However, for this smaller Canadian show, the managers of Prodew and Aguair went on their own. The display needed to be simple, effective, and easy to build. The backlit pop-up banners packed into their own small cases. We designed minature versions of the displays usually used in the larger booths, which packed into wheeled totes for easy transport.

Veredesigns worked with Prodew's engineers to design the small, portable equipment displays. All the necessary components were contained in the cases - pumps to circulate the water, air compressors, plumbing, and electronics. The plexi displays flattened for easy transport and easily assembled - these fully functioning displays (even though they were minature versions) enabled the booth attendees to extrapolate how the equipment could fit into their retail space.