Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Expo 2018 | Orlando, Florida

The Veredesigns team has been working with the staff at Prodew and Aguair for many years to design booths that clearly display their equipment for the produce industry. However, this Orlando booth was very different becuase we had a strict 8-foot height limitation and the booth footprint was 10'x50'.... Our booths were usually 20'x30'with a 16-foot height limitation. The Prodew and Aguair management team decided on this booth location (despite the layout regulations) since it was at one of the main entrances to the Expo giving the companies excellent visibility.

Veredesigns and the Prodew and Aguair team redesigned the traditional PMA booth into a straight layout, using the 45° points to separate companies and products. This booth was a great success that allowed the sales team to easily serve visitors to both companies.

Some elements of the display for you to notice are the free-standing product display table, the produce and seafood displays in Prodew, and the EZponics™ aeroponic system in Aguair.

The table was designed by Veredesigns to display products and literature while also providing storage and a work space - it pulls apart into separate flat pieces that easily assemble without any nails or pegs and don't take up much space to transport.

The produce and seafood displays use branded plastic cutouts that Veredesigns designed to provide context for the equipment application, but draw the visitor's attention to the fog. And notice the ice in the meat/seafood case.... it's fake, and you'll never guess what we use - it looks so real!

Finally, it was impossible to find plants for the EZponics™ display that had realistic roots, so we made those with silk plants, shreaded rope, and different colors of silicone - people think they're real!

With some inginuity and creativity, we created an effective display!