Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit 2020 | Virtual

Aguair is a sister company of Prodew, which has been participating in the PMA Fresh Summit for more than 20 years. Aguair didn't have quite the same challenge that Prodew had since their equipment is much larger. However, it was still important to explore how this new platform could improve our product presentation. With the video component of the PMA virtual platform, we could focus all the attention on the important features of Aguair's equipment, with a special emphasis on the sanitization capabilities given the complications the pandemic has posed to the industrial and retail industries.

In addition to the home and product pages, we made a focused video for each system (which may still be available on Aguair's YouTube chanel), photo galeries for each product, and literature with additional information and specs about the equipment. We worked with the Aguair Team to uniquely and effectively inform the Expo's attendees of the benefits and features of Aguair's engineering in effectively and efficiently sanitizing public spaces for a wide range of industries....We were unsure of the value of participating in a virtual show, but as with Prodew's booth, the PMA Fresh Summit was a great success!