Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit 2020 | Virtual

Prodew has been participating in the PMA Fresh Summit for more than 20 years, so moving to a virtual platform during the covid pandemic posed an interesting challenge. We looked at how this new, digital platform could benefit the company's presentation. Since Veredesigns has been working on Prodew's tradeshow displays since 2011, we knew the challenge constantly faced of how to draw the attendees' attention to the equipment. With the video component of the PMA virtual platform, we could focus all the attention on the important features of Prodew's misting and humidification equipment for perishable departments in retail grocery stores.

In addition to the home and product pages, we made a focused video for each system (which may still be available on Prodew's YouTube chanel), photo galeries for each product, and literature with additional information and specs about the equipment. We worked with the Prodew Team to uniquely and effectively inform the Expo's attendees of the benefits and features of Prodew's engineering in reducing food loss....We were unsure of the value of participating in a virtual show since we always relied on the experience of attending the event, but through some creativity and hard work, the PMA Fresh Summit was a great success!